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Kids’ Closet Connection has VIP tagging services!

Drop off your stash…

Pick up your cash!

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Many Kids’ Closet Connection sales offer an easy and affordable alternative for families who want to sell their gently-used items, but don’t have time for tagging them.

Although VIP Tagging services vary from sale-to-sale, here is generally what we will do for YOU after dropping off your clean, gently-used items:

• Ensure items are packaged (or hung) to Kids’ Closet Connection standards. Items will then be tagged using pricing guidelines, based on condition and brand.
• Provide all supplies needed to tag your items.
• Store your items until the sale begins.
• Bring your items to the sale, with each item placed in its correct spot.
• Pick up your items after the sale, if desired, for an additional fee.
• Tag along with Kid’s Closet Connection sales – – and we’ll help you sell your gently-used children’s items!

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Since Kid’s Closet Connection has its own proprietary tagging system, many sellers may tag their items right up until drop-off. That’s the great thing about Kid’s Closet Connection, there’s no cut-off time to price and tag! But if you’re running out of time to tag, all you have to do is take advantage of our “Consignor Concierge” services to make bringing items to the sale even easier!

Before dropping off your items at a designated place, inquire about the fee associated with VIP tagging. Often the cost to tag per item goes down with the more items you bring.

And people with a big stash find VIP tagging a small price to pay. Also, if you’re a past consignor, you might be able to make extra cash by tagging for someone else! Just get in touch with your local sale owner and ask if the sale offers VIP tagging and if you can participate – – either as a seller, or as a tagger!

Tips to Tag !

When you’re ready to get tagging, designate a place in your home to it, where you have gathered supplies – – 
safety pins, hangers, ribbon, scissors, resealable plastic bags, clear packaging tape, zip-ties, portable clothes rack, a computer and printer with fresh ink!

After you’ve gathered and sorted the gently-used children items you want to sell: Hang clothing. Bag toys with pieces. Tie books together to sell as a lot. Zip-tie shoes together. Make sure all items are clean and in working condition.

A pricing shortcut: Start with a group of items – – such as a stack of size 2T jeans – – and print multiple tags for all those pairs of pants (asking the same amount for each) so you don’t have to enter each item separately.

Safety pins pull (or pin!) double duty, by securely and effectively attaching pants, skirts or shorts to hangers for consignment sales. Make sure the top of your hanger looks like a question mark before you start pinning clothes to secure it.

Safety pins often work better at securing the price tag to stuffed animals, when compared to using a tagging gun, too. Just make sure the price tag you’ve made for an item has a description of what it is, should it become separated at the consignment sale.

No matter whether you use a safety pin or tagging gun to attach the price tag to gently-used items you’re selling at a consignment sale, make sure it is SECURE and STICKS to the item you’re selling. Less problems with a price tag / s means more sales and money in your pocket!

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Contact your Kids’ Closet Connection local sale owner with questions, or LIKE your local sale on FACEBOOK for the latest event information!

July 28 – 31                          Northwest Las Vegas, Nevada

August 3 – 6                         Overland Park, Kansas

August 4 – 6                         Northwest Phoenix, Arizona         

August 4 – 7                         Howard County (SE), Maryland; Blue Springs, Missouri

August 5 – 8                         North Gwinnett County, Georgia

August 11 – 13                     Topeka, Kansas; Franklin County, Pennsylvania

August 17 – 20                     Lee’s Summit, Missouri

August 18 – 20                    Adams County, Pennsylvania

August 19 – 21                    Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

August 20 – 21                    Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

August 25 – 27                    NE Indianapolis, Indiana

August 25 – 28                    Frederick County, Maryland

September 8 – 10               Des Moines, Iowa

September 9 – 11               Butler County, Pennsylvania

September 14 – 17             Wichita, Kansas; District of Columbia

September 15 – 17              Joliet/Orland Park, Illinois; Lawrence, Kansas; East Valley, Arizona

September 15 – 18              Jefferson County, West Virginia

September 16 & 17              Antelope Valley, California

September 16 – 18            Washington County, Maryland; East Seattle, Washington;

September 22 – 24            Chester County, Pennsylvania; Warrensburg, Missouri

Sept. 28 – Oct. 1                 Leavenworth/ Wyandotte County, Kansas

Sept. 29 – Oct. 1                 Columbia, Missouri; Loudoun County, Virginia

Sept. 30 – Oct. 2                 NW Montgomery Co., Maryland

October 6 – 9                       Gardner, Kansas

October 7 – 9                       St. Joseph, Missouri

October 13 – 15                  York County, Pennsylvania

October 14 – 16                  Fayetteville, North Carolina

October 14 – 17                  North Kansas City, Missouri

October 20 – 22                  Sedalia, Missouri

October 27 – 29                  Scottsdale, Arizona

November 17 – 19              West Valley, Arizona

Dates TBD: Dauphin County, Pennsylvania; Mid-Cities Region, Texas

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