Valentine’s Day Ideas and Activities for Kids

Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air.  Show it through simple, inexpensive crafts. By writing love poems to your family, you can create a happy ending that’s not only found in Disney movies.

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At Kid’s Closet Connection, we (HEART) you, too! And we don’t just want to show our love on Valentines Day, but also through the consignment sales we do to help families in our communities. Families are priority and the little touches you do for your loved ones by creating crafts and writing heartfelt love poems can make the people in your life feel like princesses in  Disney movies !

Here are some heartfelt tips to share the love this Valentines Day, using crafts and  love poems, to create lovely Disney movies ‘ endings:

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Bake and Take.

Have little hands help roll out and decorate heart-shaped cookies to share with those you love this Valentines Day. Create these edible crafts from scratch or buy heart-shaped cookies and smear peanut butter between two of them for a “homemade” sandwich cookie. Write  love poems to go in the box of cookies and have Disney movies playing while you’re baking cookies for more delicious inspiration.

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Beautiful boxes.

To show your love on Valentines Day doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Make these simple crafts by covering boxes with heartfelt papers (or even decorate with love poems!) and fill with a favorite candy. Tie on pretty ribbons for decorations or a handle and spread the sweet love! The Disney movies have nothing on your ingenuity!

love, Valentines Day, crafts, love poems,  Disney movies

Grow your love.

This Valentines Day, crafts don’t have to be mushy  love poems. They can also use rose petals – – another symbol of love. Use real or synthetic rose petals to create a collage of your heartfelt sentiments. Of course, this handmade card from flower petals can accompany a bouquet of flowers, just ike they do in Disney movies!

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Send a touching message.

Love on Valentines Day comes in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t necessarily have to entail crafts and love poems,  either. Cozy up on the couch as a family and bring out the pillows and blankets to get comfy watching a Disney movies marathon.

Decorate your dining room in the colors of love this Valentines Day, with red, white, and pink streamers and heart-shaped place mats made from construction paper. Make personalized crafts for everyone at the table, which can be as simple as love poems slipped under everyone’s plate. Have a cupid-inspired menu with homemade heart-shaped pizza, and fresh strawberries layered with whipped cream for dessert.After dinner, go to the family room and watch those Disney movies. Before the day is over, tell everyone in your family why you love them. There’s no better gift than that.

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