All Together Now!

It’s time to put it all together now for your consignment sale: books, cute outfits and jigsaw puzzles are items sell quickly  when they’re complete and bundled together.

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As a seller  at Kid’s Closet Connection consignment sales, there is a certain amount of sweat equity you put into creating items with the highest “shelf” esteem. Books, cute outfits and  jigsaw puzzles take effort to assemble and package together, but that means you can ultimately make more money.

It can be difficult preparing items for consignment  that have lots of pieces – –  such as children’s playsets, jigsaw puzzles, books and cute outfits – – but  it is well worth the effort. Take a picture of the item with all pieces on display and attach it to the outside package, so people can see EXACTLY what they’re buying without opening it.

Put the pieces together to make YOUR high quality merchandise on consignment – – books, cute outfits and jigsaw puzzles – –  stand apart to make super sales. Here’s a strategy worth toying over when selling everything from A-B-C books to 1-2-3 jigsaw puzzles:

consignment, books, cute outfits,  jigsaw puzzles

• Cute Clothing

Outfits with two or more pieces are quick sellers. Shirt-and-pants ensembles for boys or cute outfits – – including skirts, shirts, tights, shoes and headbands – – are super sellers for girls. Place these two-piece (or more) outfits  on clip hangers, or use wire hangers with safety pins to attach clothing. Smaller items can be placed in plastic bags, that are pinned to hangers.

Make sure your tags denote how many clothing pieces go with the cute outfits, how many books are in a bundle together, and if a jigsaw puzzle is complete with its number of pieces.

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• Jigsaw Puzzles

Take the puzzlement out of puzzles by assembling everything before placing it into the consignment sale. Don’t affix the tag onto the puzzle without first wrapping it tightly in plastic wrap, or placing it in a plastic bag to contain all the pieces. Unlike books or cute outfits that potential buyers can see what they’re getting – – show people that the jigsaw puzzle is complete.

People who buy items at consignment sales will be less likely to tear into bags containing books, cute outfits ‘ accessories or complete jigsaw puzzles, if they can clearly see the pieces in the bag.

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• Books

Books are great buys at children’s sales. Instead of marking one book at a time, bundle similar books together – – based on author or subject matter. This is especially true of book sets – – where you can charge up to half of the listed price if books are in good shape.

When preparing items for consignment sales, get  creative when bundling items together.  Instead of marking small toys or jigsaw puzzles – – one at a time – – consider selling a number of toddler toys together. Place an adorable hat with a dress or boys’ onesie to make cute outfits. Bundle books together to make them appealing to buyers, which results in less tags for you to print.

Taking the extra step to sell items – – cute outfits, books and jigsaw puzzles – –  as a set or group at your favorite consignment sale will help them sell faster, which ultimately means more money in your pocket.


4 Responses to “All Together Now!”

  1. tracy sumner says on March 31st, 2014 at 4:15 pm

    can you use zip ties when you tag

  2. kidscloset says on April 2nd, 2014 at 2:35 pm

    Yes! You can use Zip Ties to bundle items together. Just make sure the individualized bar-coded tag is affixed to item, without compromising the bar code at the bottom. Thanks for your question.

  3. Laura says on April 7th, 2014 at 7:08 pm

    Does the clothes have to be on wire hangers? And if so, where do you purchase children’s wire hangers? Thanks

  4. kidscloset says on April 7th, 2014 at 7:57 pm

    Thanks for your question! Wire hangers are preferred and there’s no need to purchase them: go to dry cleaners or local thrift shops — they are often trying to get rid of wire hangers and are happy to give them to you. If you already have items hung on plastic tube or clip hangers (and are okay getting rid of them), you can leave clothes on them and affix your bar-coded tags to the right side of the garment, as you’re looking at it. Thanks!

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