Tag, You’re It! The Ins and Outs of Tagging Guns

As peace-loving as a children’s consignment sale is, some advocate the use of a gun – – a tagging gun, that is – –  in securing the price tag to clothing and gently-used children’s items.

For consignment super sellers, a tagging gun will make you quick on the draw when it comes to affixing the price tag to items for sale.

price tag, consignment, gun

Here are some rules of consignment, when it comes to using a tagging gun to attach the price tag to sellable children’s items:

• Sharp-shooting using a tagging gun.

  • Before investing in a tagging gun with barbs, make sure your consignment sale accepts items with price tags that can be attached by using a tagging gun.
  • If approved for your consignment sale, make sure the tagging gun you’re using is a  fine-needle model , which will minimize damage to clothing when attaching the price tag. Also, invest in extra 1-inch barbs to fit your tagging gun, as longer barbs will make your price tag hang low and will increase the chance of it detaching during the consignment sale.price tag, consignment, gun 2

• If you’re wanting to make the investment for your sellable consignment items, a tagging gun with barbs can cost less than $10 online on ebay or amazon. Just plan ahead and get your supplies early so you don’t have to stop printing price tag /s when preparing for the sale.

• The use of the tagging gun will leave a hole in the item – – so when affixing the consignment price tag, place the tagging gun through an existing seam on clothing.

Safe and Secure Tagging Gun.

• Double barb consignment price tag/s for extra security. Use heavy-duty card stock and  consider reinforcing the consignment price tag with clear tape, taking care not to go over the scannable bar code when using the tagging gun.

• “Pin-tegral”

• For those not wanting to invest in a tagging gun to attach the consignment price tag to sellable items, the safety pin remains an integral part to many children’s consignment sales and can be more cost effective – – as it is reusable – – when compared to using a tagging gun for affixing the price tag.


price tag, consignment, gun 1

• Safety pins pull (or pin!) double duty, by securely and effectively attaching pants, skirts or shorts to hangers for consignment sales. Make sure the top of your hanger looks like a question mark before you start pinning clothes to secure it.

price tag, consignment, gun 4

• If you don’t want to make the investment in a tagging gun to fix the price tag to a gently-used item at the consignment sale, just use another safety pin. Use card stock to print your individually generated bar-coded price tag and attach it using a tagging gun – – or a safety pin – – on the right side of the clothing, as you’re looking at it.

• Keep it “Pin-teresting”!

• Safety pins often work better at securing the price tag to stuffed animals, when compared to using a tagging gun, too. Just make sure the price tag you’ve made for an item has a description of what it is, should it become separated at the consignment sale.

price tag, consignment, gun 5

• No matter whether you use a safety pin or tagging gun to attach the price tag to gently-used items you’re selling at a consignment sale, make sure it is SECURE and STICKS to the item you’re selling. Less problems with a price tag / s means more sales and money in your pocket!

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  1. Jen Patrick says on August 18th, 2014 at 2:47 pm

    This may be a silly question but after the sale is done do I get all my hangers back or just the ones with the unsold items?

  2. kidscloset says on August 18th, 2014 at 3:12 pm

    Unfortunately you do not get your hangers back after the sale. However, if you plan to pick up your items on the last day, many times we have extra hangers that you can take!

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