Tag-Alongs: Tips for Consignment Shopping with Kids

Shopping consignment sales for gently-used furniture, toys and clothing can be anything but  fun and games with your kids. Since  consignment sales are so busy, try to arrange a babysitter for your kids,  so you don’t miss out on the fun and bargains of gently-used toys, clothing and furniture.


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But, if that’s not possible, there are things you can do to make shopping a consignment sale with your kids more fun for everyone – –  so you can leave with gently-used clothing, books, furniture and toys- – AND your sanity!


• Bring a Buddy…

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Shop consignment sales with adult relatives or friends when you bring the kids along and take turns shopping and watching the kids. It’s always more fun to have a shopping buddy, but make sure the adults you’re shopping with aren’t looking for the exact same clothing items you are – – or if they are – –  that there won’t be any hard feelings if you get great deals on gently used maternity items, toys and clothes while they are running interference with the kids.

• Feed the beast…

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If you are planning to shop a consignment sale with kids, make sure their tummies are full before coming. That way, kids won’t be hungry and will be less likely to cry (and you won’t be reduced to tears, either!) Also, don’t shop during your kids’ nap-times or put the shopping trip at the end of a long list of errands. These consignment sales are supposed to be fun – – and also a great way to stock up on gently used toys, clothing and furniture for the kids. Don’t forget to pack a snack in the car for kids, too!

• Make a list…

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Kids consignment sales can be overwhelming. With so many great deals on gently used clothing, toys, books, furniture and maternity items – – it may be hard to know where to start shopping, especially with kids in tow. Clean out your closets (and become a consignor yourself!) before shopping and make a list of items in the sizes you know your children need. Make the sale fun for kids, too, and let them choose toys  (one each!) that is within the price range you determine.

• Shop with Strollers…

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Shop at consignment sales that are kid-friendly and allow strollers that help contain your wee ones. These sales are fun for kids, too, with all the gently-used toys, books and general fun that can be had. Kids in strollers at consignment sales are also great for wheeling around while you’re trying to find the deals on toys and gently used items you need and are an easy place to pile on the purchases — and the fun! Wear a cross-body purse, or just put a credit card in your pocket, so you can go hands-free.

 • Pre-sale Perks

You don’t have to “shop ’til you (and your kids) drop” at consignment sales. Make it fun and go for the  prestigious pre-sales, before it’s open to the public! Get on-line and see how you can get a pre-sale pass (usually by volunteering for the sale), and shop early for those gently used toys, clothes, books and maternity items, without the craziness of crowds on opening day.

Also, see how you can shop early for the half-price day that most kids consignment sales have. This is a fun way to shop for toys and other items for HALF OFF their already discounted price!

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  1. Tina Byerly says on October 25th, 2014 at 4:05 am

    Can you order itams or buy itams on line and can they be shipped because I don,t see a store or sale in cleve ohio?

  2. kidscloset says on October 28th, 2014 at 3:14 am

    Hello, Thanks so much for your interest in Kid’s Closet Connection. I’m sorry. We currently do not have a franchise located in Cleveland, Ohio.

    However, if you’re interested in creating a shopping experience in that locale, please click the FRANCHISE tab on KidsCloset.biz, and fill out the online application.

    Thank you!

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