Sibling Squabbles – Strategies to end them

We all know that if you have more than one child, sibling squabbles are inevitable.  Jealousy between siblings can lead to  fights, but love in a family brings  teamwork, the space to be yourself and mutual respect. Growing up in the loving space of a  family is a microcosm of relationships and feelings children will experience in the world of adulthood: jealousy, fights against injustices, love,  teamwork and respect.

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At Kid’s Closet Connection, we have the best families affiliated with our consignment sales – – but realize even the most dedicated parents are likely to experience jealousy and petty fights between siblings. Here are some tips to bring out  love and teamwork in your family members, and to give them the space and respect they need.

• Agree to let them disagree.

As long as no one is getting hurt, as a parent, try to stay out of disagreements. By letting children work it out themselves, parents can actually cut down on sibling jealousy and  fights.  Allowing children to peacefully air their grievances fosters love,  teamwork, the space to problem-solve and respect.

• Individual Intervention.

Sometimes, the best way to stop jealousy and fights between siblings is for parents to encourage love and teamwork to individuals BEFORE conflicts arise. Giving children space and respect individually helps them to feel like valued members of the family and encourages positive self-esteem. Fits of jealousy and fights more easily erupt when children are hungry or tired. Encourage your children to give each other space, and they will each feel the love, respect and ultimate teamwork of being part of the same family.

• Stepping in, not stepping on feelings.

If sibling jealousy escalates into physical fights, as a parent you will need to step in. As the model, parents must be calm and lead with love. Stress that a family takes teamwork and respect and that sometimes we all need our individual space. Comparing siblings to each other or other children can only lead to more  jealousy and fights.  Children will more readily express love, teamwork and respect, when they are allowed the space to be individuals, too. Don’t expect siblings to SHARE everything or DO everything together.

jealousy, fights, love,  teamwork, space, respect

• Sibling problem-solving.

Jealousy and  fights happen when children don’t know how to express their point of view in a firm, but constructive way. Help children to learn how to negotiate for what they want, by coming from a point-of-view of love, teamwork and a respect of personal space. Help children learn the art of compromising, taking turns, and how to set up win-win scenarios.

• Cool it.

If jealousy and fights escalate, children may need parents to help enforce the space for a “cooling down” period, before they make up and feel the love, teamwork and respect again. Not all fighting is physical, and calling names or saying mean things should never be tolerated, either.

• All in this together.

Jealousy and fights can start when children aren’t feeling a part of the familial teamwork. Catch your children displaying love and respect for each other and have family members listen when a child says s/he needs personal space. As a parent, children are always looking to you to set a good example – – not just within the family – – but to others you encounter outside your home, too.

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Disagreements and jealousy are human emotions, but they don’t need to lead to fights. At Kid’s Closet Connection, we want to tell you how we love seeing our wonderful families showing love, teamwork and respect. And our sales don’t require personal space! We want you to come early and often. LIKE your local sale on FACEBOOK for the latest sale’s information!


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