Spring has Sprung! Time to Explore Nature

Spring is the time of year when the  earth comes alive again and Mother Nature sets the  trees and flowers into bloom. It’s also the time of year to shake off winter’s cabin fever and spring into action with your children – – to explore the nature of the earth and all the budding trees and flowers.


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Here are some ideas to get your children outside to enjoy the wonderful spring time of the year, to encourage exploration of the earth and nature and take in the fragrance and flowering trees and plant-life:

• Backyard Nature

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The  spring of the year is the time when children can rediscover the magic of the earth coming to life. Nature and trees are greening up all over – – so allow your children to spread their wings and come back to life, as well. Let them skip and spring around outside in unstructured play that encourages observing the earth and communing with nature. Encourage them to climb trees or dig in a dirt pile and let their imaginations run wild and free.

• Have a Blooming Good Time

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The scent of spring is right under your children’s noses. Let them breathe in the beauty of the earth and observe the wonders of nature. Bring a magnifying glass or a plant / nature book, so children can identify different flowering trees and plants. If flowers are pick-able, encourage children to make a bouquet to enjoy or share with a friend.

 • Water Play

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Water is such a soothing element of the earth. Now that nature has thawed with the warmer temperatures of spring, it’s time for your and your child to get your feet wet again! Be inspired by the water – – and supervise your children, whether they are swimming or climbing trees and diving in…


• Bask in the Sun (set)!

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In some cultures, the spring of year draws people to gather to watch the sun set to the other side of the earth. As nature renews itself, be inspired by the sunlight and trees coming back to life. Practice the silent art of meditation as you watch the sunset and recount your day.


• Buds Forever

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Get gardening with your children this spring. Let them dig in the earth and plant all sorts of nature – – such as vegetables and flowers. Consider planting trees with your children in commemoration of important events in their lives. Let them hunt for bugs and dig for worms. Plant an early spring crop of lettuce and enjoy a salad with freshly-picked greens.

• Take Time

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The spring of the year is for exploring the earth! Organize a nature scavenger hunt or encourage the building of fairy houses by trees. Bird-watch, walk barefoot in the grass, camp-out and picnic in the backyard,  fly a kite and ride a bike. Venture to local parks and consider taking Junior Ranger classes, if you live close to a national park. No matter what you do, take in the wonders of the spring of the year with your children and feel yourself come to life again.


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