Making Time For “Me” Time

Making “me” time – – or “mom” time is essential for health – – whether it’s solitary, such as reading or exercise  – – or with a group of friends taking in a lunch or a movie.

Your children can also be part of this happy time – – through reading and exercise, too. No matter how you want to make time for you, be it hanging out with friends, going to lunch or escaping to a movie — taking a time-out from baby duty helps you lower stress, become more productive, and have more energy for your children after recharging your batteries.

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At Kid’s Closet Connection, we know how much you love your children – – and we love the way they’re growing, too! But we also know how all-consuming raising children can be. So what is your guilt-free pleasure to unplug and center yourself: Reading? Exercise? Being with friends? Relishing a lunch? Catching a movie? Here are some ideas to make time for “me!”

• Mom-time Mind-time.

You can’t think of taking time out for yourself as being selfish. Other people will also benefit from your “me” time, too. Activities like reading or exercise strengthen both the mind and body. Going to a movie or lunch with friends can also feed you mentally and emotionally, and you’ll bring back a renewed energy to your children upon your return.

reading, exercise, friends, lunch, movie

• Book the Time.

Depending on your calendar, try to schedule in time to recharge your batteries. Maybe it’s a special seminar with an author whose book you enjoyed reading or a weekly exercise class. Scheduling time with friends at least once a month going to lunch or a movie or just hanging out can  be the time you need to reconnect with the adult side of your personality.

• Gimme 5 (or 15!)

If your situation is such that you can’t schedule long periods away from your children – – you can always find at least five  minutes a day for YOU! Get up early before your family arises for pleasures like reading – – or to exercise. Invite your friends and their children over to your house for a kid-friendly lunch, followed by a Disney movie. It’s not the same as going out, but you can bring the fun home.

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• Learn your limits.

Know what you need to recharge your batteries – – then learn to say, “No,” to other’s demands of your time. Your children are your priority, but don’t feel guilty when you need a time-out for reading or exercise to clear your head. Time-out doesn’t have to mean time-away with friends going to lunch or a movie, either. Be kind to yourself, and it will help you be a kind parent to your children, too.

You can also network with like-minded moms about what they’re reading, and how they squeeze in time for exercise. Kid’s Closet Connection moms also make great friends – – and you might form an adult play group with which you can go to the movies or out to lunch. LIKE your local Kid’s Closet Connection sale on FACEBOOK for the latest information.


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