Making Sense of the New Car Seat Rules

When driving as a parent, your children are the most precious cargo you will ever transport. And, as a result of federal mandates requiring car seats for kids ‘ safety  – – whether you’re driving in traffic or not – – children are much more protected than even a generation ago.

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The type of car seat that’s appropriate for children is based on their weight and length – – so make sure you check manufacturer’s guidelines.

Recently, though, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued a new rule that requires labels warning parents not to use the LATCH anchoring system (LATCH stands for Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) once the child and the seat, combined, reach a weight of 65 pounds.

This safety measure has been put into place to protect kids during a traffic accident. But, with both kids and car seats getting heavier, there is concern that the excess weight can cause the lower anchors to pull out of the floor during a traffic accident, causing further injury.

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When it comes to safety, car seat installation using a tightly threaded seat belt and top tethers remain safe and are increasingly easier to install. This conventional way of installing a car seat, also does not require  monitoring of kids ‘ weight in regards to  using (or not using) the LATCH anchoring system.

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With or without LATCH, car seats are misused a majority of the time. For safety sake, parents should go visit a car seat inspection station and have your installation checked by a trained professional. A car seat inspection station will monitor if your kids are seated in appropriate car seats, based on their weight, and will help ensure a safer outcome, should you be involved in a traffic accident.  To find an inspection station in your area, go to seat or call 1-866-SEAT-CHECK.

Reputable Kids Consignment sales – – such as Kid’s Closet Connection  – –  are happy to help those with growing children sell their gently-used car seats to folks with smaller children who need them, at about 1/3 to 1/4 of original retail price.

So, to ensure the safety of our shoppers – – and their wee ones – –  Kid’s Closet Connection only accepts CLEAN car seats that are in good condition, which are less than six-years-old.

The car seats that are most desirable are the ones that come with their original packaging and manufacturer’s instructions.

Before preparing a car seat for sale at a Kid’s Closet Connection event, the first step is to make sure it has not been recalled:

Upon check-in for consigning, if you are selling a car seat in good standing, you must bring a completed and signed ”Car Seat Disclaimer Form” with you. ( ) 

Here are the criteria for acceptable car seats at Kid’s Closet Connection sales:

• Seats should be less than six-years-old.

• The label should be attached to the car seat with the manufacturer, model, and number. Often the weight of the child that is appropriate for a car seat is printed on an attached label.

• Kid’s Closet Connection will NOT accept any car seats with cracks in the plastic shell; a rusted, bent or broken metal frame or buckle/s; harness straps that are worn or frayed; or a car seat with missing parts, including straps, harnesses, clips, seat covers, padding, and bolts.

• Kids Closet Connection will NOT accept any car seats that have been involved in a traffic accident.

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A Kid’s Closet Connection Sale’s event  is the PERFECT PLACE to buy or sell your “buckle-up-for safety ” seat, but also a place to buy so much more gently used kids items!

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