What Items are Top Sellers at Spring Consignment Sales?

Kids consignment sales are great ways to make money – – but are also a wonderful way to spring clean and sell those gently used toys and baby items!

Many consignment sales for kids are held on a semi-annual basis, which means baby clothing for warmer months is sold during the spring / summer sale and cold-weather clothes are sold during the fall / winter sale. Kids items like toys, books and baby equipment can be sold year-round. 

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Always check with your local kids consignment sale to make sure they are accepting the toys, baby items and clothing (short-sleeved shirts, dresses, shorts and hats), you want to sell this spring. Sometimes, spring consignment sales will also accept jeans and khakis at both the spring and fall sales.  You should find a list of what’s acceptable and recall notices (on toys and baby items) on the website of professionally-run kids consignment sales.

• Happy Holidays and Birthday!

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Some kids are  overwhelmed by the number and variety of toys and baby items they receive for Christmas and birthdays. Spring consignment sales are a great way to recycle and sell new-in-package or gently used toys. Also, don’t just think Halloween for costumes! Many a baby or kids dress up as princesses or super heroes year-round.

• Cool Pool!

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It’s never too early in the spring to start thinking about staying cool at the pool! Make sure to tag all baby and kids swimsuits, hats and water toys, because they are HOT sellers at consignment sales. As an added bonus, if you have name brand clothing that is new-with-tags, mark the price up to 75% of its original retail cost. Go through your pool bag at home and make a SPLASH by selling gently-used pool-side wares.

• Toy Time!

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The joy of toys at kids spring consignment sales is that they are super sellers. Trending toys (think DISNEY movies!) with licensed characters are always great sellers to both the baby and kids. Make sure to go through your bookshelf, too and pair a stuffed plush and book together to make your toys even more appealing.


Also, outdoor toys have high resale value  and include: (Little Tikes / Fisher-Price / Step One) toddler houses, playground equipment and bicycles. Just clean them up to make them look like-new and you’ll clean up with the selling price.

• Get the Boot!


Don’t forget footwear when it comes to tagging items for the kids spring consignment sales. Baby shoes that are new and gently  used are always popular, but don’t forget about rain and cowboy boots, which are fashion statements and keep feet dry during those spring showers!

Lightweight rain jackets and sweater vests are great for layering during spring’s unpredictable weather, too, but save heavier fabrics and coats for fall. Pastel-color baby and kids clothing (especially before Easter!) are super consignment sellers, since parents know their child won’t fit that Sunday-best outfit next year. Also, any toys relating to chicks, bunnies and ducks that can be tucked into an Easter basket are popular and always pair well with chocolate Easter eggs!


4 Responses to “What Items are Top Sellers at Spring Consignment Sales?”

  1. amber says on February 16th, 2015 at 6:07 pm

    I’m just wondering how this works. Do you buy kids clothes or what? I’ve never done this so I just need someone to explain it to me.

  2. kidscloset says on February 17th, 2015 at 9:03 pm

    Cash in at your local Kid’s Closet Connection sale!

    Twice a year, you (and hundreds of families like yours!) have the opportunity to clean out your own kids’ closets and make money on items your children have outgrown.

    Kid’s Closet Connection sales offer a hassle-free, modern-day approach to hosting your own garage sale. Our professional and personal staff provides the clean facility, advertising and accountability to help sell your children’s items.

    You don’t even have to work the sale! Based on a consignment model, Kid’s Closet Connection takes a small dollar percentage of your sold items and you receive a check for 65-70 percent of your sales! There is also a $12.50 consignor fee (unless otherwise noted) deducted from your proceeds at the end of the sale. This fee is charged only once per season, so transfer your items to the another sale in the same season and pay no additional consignor fee!

    For more information, click the FIND A SALE tab at KidsCloset.biz and contact the owner of the sale nearest you. They will be happy to help!

  3. maria says on March 6th, 2015 at 3:45 pm

    Is there a tutorial on how to attach tags properly once you have put your items into your account for sale? I’m so confused by the lack of sale resources for new sellers.

  4. kidscloset says on March 6th, 2015 at 6:57 pm

    Thanks for your question, Maria.

    Check out this latest post on tagging tips:


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