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This 4th of July weekend – – we are especially reminded of  the  value of independence  – – and the gift we have as Americans to follow our pursuits and our alienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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One of the greatest personal declarations of independence can be how you choose to pursue the American dream. The freedom to be your own boss is yours, if you  become an owner of  a Kids’ Closet Connection franchise.

The Kids’ Closet Connection franchise brand started a dozen years ago in 2004, when Chris and Sharon Smitka not only wanted to create their own consignment sales event to gain further financial independence, but also goodwill in the community. By bringing together people who want to sell their gently-used kids ‘ clothing, furniture and toys with people who want to purchase those items at affordable prices, a nationally-recognized franchise was born.

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Investing in a Kids’ Closet Connection franchise is less risky than building your own brand from the bottom up. Here are other good reasons to invest in a Kids’ Closet Connection franchise:

Strong Brand.

Kid’s Closet Connection franchise is a fiscally-responsible business, with low overhead, and that means a lower up-front cash investment, without sacrificing value. There are no maintenance, marketing, website, online social media promotion, or hidden up-charges on branded materials.

Successful Track Record.

When it comes to bringing together buyers and sellers of gently-used kids ‘ toys, clothing and furniture, the Kids’ Closet Connection franchise is a nationally-recognized  business that not only gives owners coast-to-coast contacts, but allows them to host sales with autonomy. Flexibility is key and that allows persons to also focus on family and community obligations. Kids’ Closet Connection has a lower exposure to costly missteps, as you build your own franchise with an established business with a national reputation. 

Training and Ongoing Support.

Not only does the Kids’ Closet Connection franchise have regular training sessions for its owners, they also network with other franchise owners. Take advantage of our highly adaptable model, which can also cater specifically to holiday sales for children’s items or college sales in university towns.


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Marketing Assistance and Cross-promotion.

A spirit of camaraderie among Kids’ Closet Connection franchise owners let them take advantage of incentives that encourage super sellers to transfer items to other Kids’ Closet Connection sales with no additional fees. All franchise owners are trained and utilize Kids’ Closet Connection’s specially-designed, proprietary integrated bar-coded tagging, customer management and point-of-sale system.

Owning a Kid’s Closet Connection franchise is a smart move and helps owners avoid much of the risk of starting a new business. There’s no need to reinvent the gently-used kids ‘ consignment sale business. The Kid’s Closet Connection franchise is a dynamic business model that is open to feedback and new ideas. Our franchise sales model lets new owners determine  – – with a fair amount of certainty  – – what happen when you become a new franchisee.

If you’re interested in pursuing the happiness of more financial stability during these economically uncertain times, go to, and click the FRANCHISE INFO tab. Hear testimonies from other franchise owners and fill out the online FRANCHISE application.


Also, don’t forget to celebrate your own children’s growing independence on Independence Day! Enjoy  this summertime vibe, and realize you are making memories with your children that will last a lifetime.

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