Get Moving! Exercise Ideas for Busy Moms

Exercise for moms can range from kids’ games to  yoga poses. But no matter if your exercise is kids’ play with games or serene yoga  poses, the idea is to keep moving!

Exercise doesn’t need to be a standard work-out, either. You can get your blood pumping by running up and down stairs, hauling totes and cleaning closets for the spring Kid’s Closet Consignment sales events near you!

exercise, kids games, yoga poses 2

Here are ways to make time for exercise and your overall well-being:

Really PLAY with Your Kids

Exercise by  running, biking, and walking and playing kids’ games. Cool down with yoga poses and maybe a low-fat sorbet!

 exercise, kids games, yoga poses

At-Home Workouts

Pop in a workout DVD while children are napping, or have them workout next to you!  Also, safely use baby as a weight while doing squats or leg lifts.

Fitness PlayDates

Schedule fitness playdates with other moms and their children. Exercise by playing team-building kids’ games or doing  yoga poses on a sunny porch or in the backyard. Or go to a gym with a friend that has childcare available.

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What Motivates You

Variety is the spice of life – – and exercise ranges from kids’ games to  yoga poses. Set fitness goals for yourself – – maybe it’s getting back into that pair of skinny jeans you used to rock!  Be forgiving and kind to yourself, too. After children, your priorities shift, but that doesn’t mean your exercise has to include just kids’ games. You can make time for your yoga poses, too!

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