Fridge and Freezer Organization 101

Don’t forget to spring clean the space in which you store the wholesome food your family eats:  milk, fruit, and meats / chicken.  By making sure the refrigerator and freezer are clean and organized with food placed in marked tupperware, it can be easier than ever to feed  your family on the go.

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At Kid’s Closet Connection, we are all about clearing space to make life run smoother. Whether you’re talking about decluttering closets or the refrigerator to efficiently store costly foods like milk, fruit or chicken (or other foods in tupperware containers), the idea is to get rid of the things you don’t need, to make room for the things you use.

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• Free-up Fridge and Freezer

In order to clean up the cold areas that store your milk, fruit and chicken, you must first empty the refrigerator – – and yes, that means going through mystery  tupperware containers. Preferably clean out the fridge BEFORE a trip to the grocery store, so you know what foods you have and what foodstuffs you need to restock, like milk, fruit, chicken or tupperware containers for storage. Get rid of expired condiments and any food you’re never going to eat. For food safety tips on safe food storage, click here. (

Once you’re done clearing the refrigerator, you can move onto the freezer,  but make sure you have coolers available to put your frozen items like ice milk desserts, fruit, chicken or tupperware containers in, so they don’t thaw.

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• Onto the Soap (Ice-) Box

Run a sink of soapy water to help clean the inside of these food appliances, while they’re empty. You don’t want to be putting fresh milk, fruit, chicken or tupperware containers with food back into a dirty refrigerator or freezer. When spills happen, clean them up to ensure bacteria doesn’t grow inside your appliances and cross-contaminate your food.

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• ‘Frigerator and Freezer Free Space

After you’ve discarded foodstuffs – –  like expired milk, fruit, chicken or tupperware containers with leftovers – – and you’ve washed the inside of the appliances, it’s time to restock. Categorize food  items  – –  milk, fruit, deli meat and chicken – – and make “zones” inside your refrigerator and freezer.

Zones can include:

• a shelf for leftovers / snacks, on which to place marked tupperware containers

• a shelf for milk / beverages, and other dairy

• marked drawer for fruits / vegetables

• marked drawer for deli meats / beef / chicken and cheeses

• tupperware plastic container for eggs

• drawer containers for condiments

milk, fruit, chicken, tupperware


• Keep it Clean

After you’ve made a place for everything – – milk, fruit, chicken and food tupperware containers – – it’s time to keep everything in its place. Mark all tupperware containers with contents and date and make sure to check for the expiration on milk, fruit and meats / chicken. Consider labeling zones in the refrigerator, so everyone will know where to find or place a foodstuff back after using it.

You don’t want to pack a refrigerator too tightly, so cold air is unable to circulate around food. Conversely, you want a freezer to be packed tightly, so it works efficiently at keeping food frozen.

Clear out leftovers every week and make sure you follow the last in, last out rule: use up older milk, fruit, meat / chicken and food in tupperware containers before using items just purchased.

These same principles of cleaning, clearing and keeping it up – – apply to other areas in your home you want to organize. Let Kid’s Closet Connection help you sell gently-used children’s items and MAKE MONEY while staying organized!

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