Drop Off and Pick Up : Kid’s Closet Connection Sale Know-how

A Kid’s Closet Connection sale is a series of little steps you take to make $MONEY$ on gently-used children’s items you’re no longer using.

After signing up as a Kid’s Closet Connection consignor BEFORE the sale, you need to prepare all clothes, toys and equipment with a bar-coded tag on all for- sale items.

The next sale procedure is to sign up for a drop-off time, when you can place your bar-coded items on racks, in bins or on shelving that is marked appropriately. For example, hang you 2T girls’ clothing on the rack clearly marked 2T Girls. This keeps the sale organized, so buyers can find what they want easily, based on where specific items are marked and placed.Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 2.01.50 PM


At the end of every sale day, you can monitor how many items you have for sale have sold – – and how much money you have made! If you want to pick up any unsold items on the final sale day, make sure you comply with times for pick-up, as outlined by the Kid’s Closet Connection sale owner.

If you come too early, you will have to wait until the sorting of items is complete. Come too late to pick up your items from the sale, and the non-for-profit picking up any unsold merchandise may think you intended to donate said items.


Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 2.03.03 PM


After the sale is over, all the work is worth it when you receive your the money from your sale proceeds!

Kid’s Closet Connection sales are back-in-swing for back-to-school.


August 25 – 27                    NE Indianapolis, Indiana

August 25 – 28                    Frederick County, Maryland

September 8 – 10               Des Moines, Iowa

September 9 – 11               Butler County, Pennsylvania

September 14 – 17            Wichita, Kansas; District of Columbia

September 15 – 17            Joliet/Orland Park, Illinois; Lawrence, Kansas; East Valley, Arizona

September 15 – 18            Jefferson County, West Virginia

September 16 & 17            Antelope Valley, California

September 16 – 18            Washington County, Maryland; East Seattle, Washington;

September 22 – 24           Chester County, Pennsylvania; Warrensburg, Missouri

Sept. 28 – Oct. 1                 Leavenworth/ Wyandotte County, Kansas

Sept. 29 – Oct. 1                 Columbia, Missouri; Loudoun County, Virginia; Dauphin County,


Sept. 30 – Oct. 2                 NW Montgomery Co., Maryland

October 6 – 9                       Gardner, Kansas

October 7 – 9                       St. Joseph, Missouri

October 13 – 15                  York County, Pennsylvania

October 14 – 16                  Fayetteville, North Carolina

October 14 – 17                  North Kansas City, Missouri

October 20 – 22                  Sedalia, Missouri

October 27 – 29                  Scottsdale, Arizona

November 17 – 19              West Valley, Arizona

Dates TBD: Mid-Cities Region, Texas


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