Consignment Sale Clean UP! Kids Closet Connection

The 2016 spring consignment season is drawing to a close for Kids Closet Connection. We have a half-dozen consignment sale events scheduled in the month of May (starting today!):

May 5 – 7                  Adams County, Pennsylvania

May 11-14                 Leavenworth/ Wyandotte County, Kansas

May 12 – 14              Sedalia, Missouri

May 12 – 15              Frederick County, Maryland

May 19 – 21              Goodyear, Arizona

May 20 – 22              Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

But, even after your local consignment  sales’ event – – even after picking up your unsold items at your local Kid’s Closet Connection consignment sale – – your work starts for the Fall 2016 consignment sale season!

We KNOW you’re tired. Sellers are allowed to  enter items into the tagging system right up until your drop-off time. And, we know you worked right up until your deadline!

consignment 1

Then, at the end of the event, you  printed out the list of “unsold” inventory items, so you could collect everything you wanted to sell at the next Kid’s Closet Connection consignment sale. (And, you marveled at all the items you sold, and the money you made!) Good job, you!


The beauty of a Kid’s Closet Connection consignment sale is that – – in an area that has more than one KCC sale in an urban region – – you can bring any unsold items to another sale, with no additional costs. Also, you can store unsold items with tags  until the next sale, without having to make a new bar-coded tag.

The only time you ever need to re-tag an item for a Kid’s Closet Connection consignment sale,  is if you change a price or the decision to sell an item at half-price.  You do not need to re-tag if you take an item to a different sale location or bring them back next season.


If you do collect your unsold items after a Kid’s Closet Connection consignment sale, organize and look over items before putting them into storage. The temptation is to not deal with the unsold items, but when the next sale rolls around, you will be happy you organized the clothing, toys, and books. If you want to reduce a price, take the time to print out a new tag for the item.


Checking out your unsold items is easy. One of the many consignment sales’ volunteers is available to ensure you collected your items – – and you’re on your way!

In your online Kid’s Closet Connection account, unsold items are moved to “inactive inventory.”  You can easily move them back to active status by selecting the items and clicking the “make active” button. You should print the unsold items you donated, to use those as a record for charitable giving on your taxes. If you want a record of every item  that sold, you will need to print that list out, as well.

Or, if you don’t want to deal with picking up the few unsold items left after a Kids Closet Connection sale, just leave the items there, and they will be donated to a worthy local charity. Just look at all these great items that are being donated after the consignment sales event is over!


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