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Kid’s Closet Connection sales are top-drawer consignment events!

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Kid’s Closet Connection consignment sales are more profitable than having your own garage sales of children’s items and more convenient than posting each kids’ item on Craigslist or Facebook swap pages.

At our consignment sales, when it comes to selling items at a premium resale price, you set it…and forget it!


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Kid’s Closet Connection bi-annual consignment sales events happen with the change of season: spring ahead for the best deals and you’ll fall  in love with our quality merchandise at excellent prices.

Pay only a small consignment fee and a percentage of your sales – – but there’s no need for paying money up-front. All consignment fees are deducted from your large pay-out!


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Kid’s Closet Connection consignment events are like a fine diamond of a sale with our high 4 C standards for items accepted: Clean; Complete; Current and Compliant.



Kid’s Closet Connection has  consignment sale events that are EASY to participate in and FUN to do with others. Whether you’re shopping, selling or volunteering together, our consignment sales events bring the community together.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3… to take part in our consignment sales events!



Spread the Kid’s Closet Connection consignment love and get involved in your local sale – – it’s happening soon!


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