A Gradual Graduation with Kids Closet Connection

Graduation season is a time to look to the future with optimism, but also reflect on the past. Your child’s graduation – – be it from preschool, high school or college – – marks not only life’s milestones, but also the passage of time as parents.

Remember the days when a red cap on your child was something used on a chilly day…


As graduation approaches, that red cap may look more like this:


At Kid’s Closet Connection, we know all too well how life is a series of graduation events. A child doesn’t even need to be in school to experience a graduation of sorts: moving from crawling to the walking phase marks one more step towards greater independence. All too quickly, those little babies will be walking onto the stage to claim their diploma and running off into the sunset to make their ways in the world.


Little cute girl having a good idea on the blackboard - Learning and discovery concept with lightbulb

A  bright idea is to let Kid’s Closet Connection help you maximize this precious time with your child, by either saving money on gently-used baby items, or making money by selling those adorable things that were outgrown before they were worn out.

We are here to help you maximize the money and resources you have, so you can truly cherish the time you have with your child – – because they really do grow so fast! We know children don’t graduate into young adults overnight – – but sometimes it sure feels like it.

Speaking of time passing all too quickly, we are in the home stretch of our Spring 2016 Kid’s Closet Connection sales season! Check out these sales that go through May:

May 19 – 21              Goodyear, Arizona

May 20 – 22              Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

And, as this school season winds down, it’s never too early to start thinking about the “Back-to-School” Kid’s Closet Connection sales. Click the “Find a Sale” tab at KidsCloset.biz to search your state for fall/winter sales near you. Already, the Kid’s Closet Connection sale that started it all in Overland Park, Kansas, is slated for August 3rd through the 6th at the Overland Park Convention Center.

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